Local Smart app/device errors

My Internet service is down tonight so I thought that it would be a good idea to try out how well the hub performs local processing. I tested it with a minimote and GE in-wall light switch that’s controlled by Smart Lighting app. Basically the results are terrible! Most of the time the lights didn’t come on when the Minimote button was pressed. If the light did come on it took about 5 minutes. What am I missing here?

First step is to find out exactly which devices and smart lighting automations you have set up to run locally. There are very specific rules about what Can and can’t. For example, if you include a bulb attached to the Hue bridge. Or a virtual switch then the entire smart lighting automation becomes ineligible to run locally.


Automations that run at a specific time maybe eligible to run locally if all the other rules are meant, but automations that use sunrise or sunset can only run in the cloud.

If you think the automation should have run locally but it didn’t, then you should contact support.


Thanks for the reply. I will contact support as the smart app and devices showed up on the local list. Also, now that my internet is back online the app/device is working!