Ikea Tradfri Remote - Can it run locally?

I have several of these bad boys that work with SmartThings but they don’t run locally (Execution Location: Cloud) so there is sometimes a delay in using them to turn on lights.

Has anyone found a way to get them to run locally? I don’t know much about device handlers, I tried just changing the “Type” from Ikea Button to Zigbee Button but that didn’t work (see what I mean about not knowing much).

Is it even possible to get them running locally?

Any help greatly appreciated,


They do not run locally at this time.

If you set them up with a direct connection to a Zigbee Device in the same room, which I believe some people have done, then that would be local. But I also know some people were having problems doing that.

But the DTH definitely does not run locally.

And, no, you can’t just randomly change to some other DTH. Think of a DTH like a printer driver. Its whole purpose in life is to Create a message in the exact format that that specific device is expecting to receive. If you’re just talking about a basic function, like an on/off switch, then you might be able to change to a different driver. But any of these multi button devices have quite complex functionality and unlikely to be able to work with a different DTH. Even different firmware on the same model may require a different DTH.

Talk to the people in the following thread:

Ikea Tradfri Remote Control

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Thank you ever so much for the information.

I understand the printer driver analagy, I didn’t know if a multiple switch might still work with a generic driver so it’s good to now have that understanding. I’ll read through the suggested group and see what they have to say. Many thanks again, have a great weekend!

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