Smartlight switch that operates without neutral 433mhz

hi need to know since have problem with not having neutral wires for smart light switches
the company livolo told me that their switches do not require i need to know if smarthing can work with them they told me that have to operate at 433MHZ frequency. Here is the original email
Dear Costas,
I confirm that only our doorbell and curtain switch require the natural wire and for the rest of the switches are not necessary.
The low voltage items can only operate at low voltage and if your question is about controlling the switches over wifi then i confirm that you need an external hub like “Broadlink Rm Pro” or any other one in the market which can work at 433MHZ frequency.
To do that you need to always take the switch with remote functionality and also purchase our remote control to generate a signal for each individual switch an learn that later with your hub.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question!

Livolo Support Team

No, it won’t work with smartthings. The Smartthings hub has Zigbee Ha, Z-Wave modules inside for wireless and ethernet for wired. You can check on the official devices list or search the forum for custom devices but as far as I know. 433MHZ is a no go. Not direct integration anyway.

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