FAQ: Wifi switches with full SmartThings integration? (2019)

Hello- I’m trying to find a WIFI switch that also works with smartthings and not finding anything unless I use IFTTT or Alexa.
I have zwave switches currently but they dont have neutrals and they cant use LED or fluorescent light bulbs and I have some led lights I want to automate.

There are several on the official “works with SmartThings” list, but most will require that you are using the new V3 app. They will not work with the classic app.

Options include the Leviton Wi-Fi series, some of the TP Link Kasa models, some of the meross models, Currant, the Ecobee Switch+, and the WeMo smart light switch (but not the dimmer).

The Leviton, Ecobee, and WeMo have certified integrations:

The others I listed have integration self published by their manufacturers and will show up in the new app when you go to add a device.

There are some other brands as well.

With regard to your specific question, I’m a little confused: All of the Wi-Fi switches will require a neutral. And almost all of the Z wave plus switches can handle LEDs. So I’m not quite sure what you’re looking for.

Lutron Caseta switches don’t require a neutral for most models and can handle LEDs and have an official ST integration. They aren’t Wi-Fi, they use their own proprietary frequency, so you do need to get their smartbridge, but they work very well and might meet your requirements. I use these in my own home:

Oh I’m sorry. I was unaware that wifi switches needed a neutral also. The lutrons switches require a seperate hub correct and are they all dimmers or do they have on off too?

They have two on/off switches, one requires a neutral, one doesn’t. So check the model number. Also shop around, prices vary a lot.

The install guide compares models.

Thank you so much for heading me in the right direction!!

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