(UK) SmartThings compatible Smart Switches with Neutral wire

I have been having struggle recently with finding a normal Wi-Fi switch that has a classic design and Integrates nicely with SmartThings and has Neutral Wire.

I had ordered a Chinese Switch which supports Tuya Smart integration, but it turns out that it is only limited to third-party control liek GA and Alexa, as they said that manufacturer has not implemented SmartThings support.

From what I understand there are not many native options, some only that require reflashing with Tasmota to get it work normally. Kasa HS200 switches are also an option, but I am kind of trying to avoid touch type switches or switches that have a narrow middle button, my goal is to find a switch that has a full-blown switch size with SmartThings integration, as I will be integrating with motion sensors.

I started digging about this and went as far as finding a cool sweetspot having a ZigBee switch with Neutral wire. Have not seen a combination like this yet. Might be worth a look.

Any other suggestions or luck with this? Thanks

Will this do? € 6,05 52%OFF | Tuya ZigBee 3.0 Wifi Switch Module With Smart Light Switch Module Smart Life/Tuya Remote Control Work With Alexa Google Home

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Thanks, looks really promising with EU shipping, gonna try it, any custom DTH needed?

No i used the zigbee generic switch witch is an 9fficial one

See the following thread for recent discussion of several brands:

UK Light switches – My experiences (2020)

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Your post mentions both zigbee and Wi-Fi. These are two different protocols. Some manufacturers will make two models, each with the identical case, but with different firmware inside. So you need to know what you want, or if you are OK with either one as long as it works with SmartThings. :sunglasses:

If you use a Zigbee Device, you must also have a smartthings hub. If you use a Wi-Fi device, you might not need anything except the switch.

Note that many Chinese sellers, particularly those that sell on Alibaba, will list a device as both zigbee and Wi-Fi when it is not. They are just trying to come up higher in the search results. So you have to read the product descriptions very carefully.

Also note that there is a common translation error where a device will be labeled Zigbee but also have a separate label for “Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz”.

It’s not a Wi-Fi device, it’s that both Wi-Fi and zigbee use the same radio frequency, although the messages are different. ( like two letters that use identical envelopes, but the messages inside are in different languages.)

Anyway, some Chinese factories will stamp “Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz“ on the English language version of devices that use a 2.4 GHz radio for a different protocol, not understanding the difference.

This is often a giveaway that the device is either a counterfeit or does not have standard safety certifications, since it would not have passed the certifications with that error. So that’s another thing to look for. :thinking:

Thanks for your reply, I maybe should of been more specific with my Topic. I understand the difference between Zigbee and Wifi, and I also have a Hub V3, so anything that integrates with SmartThings one way or another is fine with me, so I ordered the Zigbee device as suggested by @Andremain meanwhile also ordering a Sonoff wifi switch for built-in behind switch placement, going to test and compare both and maybe have my own topic with this and my experiences. I am currently looking for something with Neutral wire to be fitted inside the classic lightswitch (round EU one, not square).
The problem is that a lot of Tuya certified devices are out there, and the Zigbee ones work fine, but it seems that wifi enabled switches lack integration from smartthings.

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The problem is that Wi-Fi is not a single standard for home automation. So every manufacturer can make up their own message format. (This may change in the future with “project chip”, but that is still aways away.) so for now you just have to look at each of the models you are considering to see if someone has created an integration for them. Or, as you did, ask in the forum.

Is there a reason that you are not considering Z wave? If I understand what you’re asking for, a module to fit inside the wall behind the switch plate, then both Aeotec nano and Qubino might fit the round switch, they are quite small.