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Livolo zigbee switch

(Paulo Nóbrega) #1

Hi. I’ve searched but i couldnt find yet any info on this ones…
Does anyone know or tried to use the new Livolo zigbee switchs with smarthings? The have a gateway as far as i could tell. Could it be possible to just add them to ST??
Probably they need a DH right?


Wrong frequency. They will not work with SmartThings Unless you add an additional server device, and that’s a lot of work.

SmartThings works directly with Z wave devices, zigbee devices using the “Zigbee home automation” profile, some other devices like LIFX and Lutron where the two companies have created an official integration. It can also work indirectly with devices which have an IFTTT channel or a cloud with an open API. See the following:

(Paulo Nóbrega) #3

They have those mentioned the with with RF 433mhz. But now they have a zigbeee ones… Unless you were telling they use zigbee different frequency. Sorry, I’m a little noob :wink:

I know some devices can connect directly to ST. Wondering if someone tried this ones with zigbee


Thanks, I didn’t realize they also made a zigbee model. Based on reports in other forums, though, it is using a proprietary profile and probably will not work with SmartThings. People are reporting that it only works with its own gateway.

(Paulo Nóbrega) #5

Thanks for that info. Very helpful