Smarththing Home Monitor broken... will not go to disarm and other more!

Today the SHM stopped working correctly. I can shift into Armed home and away but not into disarm. However when I look at the API it reports corrected status even if I click disarm and refresh webpage it shows it on computer but it just spins in the app then goes back to previous armed state. I also cannot remove my phone as a presence detector or basically do anything with the mobile app. The api has me listed in away mode even though the mobile shows me arriving.

Some of these issues seem to be long standing and not ever really resolved I rather not have to go buy another home controller.

Cloud outage. For Some people, Nothing’s working. See the official status page:

Ah Thanks! Of course I missed the most obvious answer and jumped to all the other ones :(. Thanks again.

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Seems to be affecting SmartHome Monitor control, Routines, and CoRE here. I was able to use ActionTiles to manually change mode and alarm state, ad my echo is still turning lights on and off.

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I was having issues with schedules, action triggers and none of my WeMo devices were responding. Thanks for the update regarding the outage.

I read outage as outrage. Both are appropriate here… lol.

My ST is misbehaving in a big way. Hope it gets sorted soon.

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One of the most frustrating things about cloud outages is that only some functions may be affected, making it much harder to troubleshoot from the customer side. :disappointed_relieved: Being able to arm but not disarm is a perfect example.

Should have checked here first! I was restarting hub, flipping lights off and on to get reset with no luck.

Nothing I have is responding. This sucks I might have to get up to turn a light off.

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Alexa says she’s having trouble reaching smartthings

She’s not the only one…


Oh, no! Cloud Dragons! :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain::dizzy_face:

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