I am stuck in arm(stay) security mode

When I try to “disarm”, the icon just spins forever.

Seems like something is wrong with the ST cloud tonight :frowning:

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Well that would make it a 2fer, since my morning mode devices did not fire all all. It took ST till 8:30am to get things working…

Never got an outage email, nor did ST change the static status page…

I sent an email asking for assistance to the ST help desk just to see if their robotic response was still working. It is not powered by a V2 hub and worked!

Same thing happened to me a few days ago. I had to fire a routine that armed the system before I could disarm it. System was kinda stuck in limbo.

Yep, think the ST cloud is out drinking tonight :smile:

Things either very delayed or not firing (motion sensor → lights).

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Same thing has happened to me with the security showing disarm, but infact being armed. Selecting armed and disarmed manually, would clear this!

I am a new user of smartthings! I love the pottential of this system. I have had it for 2 weeks now. I noticed that the latest update 2.0.5 has introduced some problems.

I have the version 2 hub, which i believe can be used locally. Are the instructions to automate my house activated from the cloud, or can it be controlled locally from the hub?

I have read that a lot of problems seem to be with the cloud services!

I bought the Hub version 2 not to rely so much on cloud services because of the built in app engine. What I didn’t know is not many apps take advantage of this. My morning mode for the past 2 days haven’t triggered correctly. I also have another light switch that unregistered itself. Given the typical support time I give them 2 weeks! This system used to work and was great.

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@NHENRY Currently the only things that run locally on the hub are the SmartLighting app and some parts of Smart Home Monitor. Everything else runs in the cloud.

Eventually more will run locally but not until they feel its stable enough.

@Anthony Are you troubleshooting on the forums as well as relying on support? I find that sometimes between submitting my ticket and perusing the forums, I usually find the answer before they get back to me. Support is helpful but slow, the forum community is amazingly helpful, knowledgable and passionate about the platform.

Many thanks for the reply Audiorazor! It’s good to know that eventually most or all of the ST system will be running locally on version 2 of the hub in the future!

I don’t always have time to research these issues via the portal. I have found that support is very useless. With my HUB1 things just worked. Sometimes there would be a delay but they worked. It has been a horrible experience with HUB 2.0. Today it took me several attempts to disable my alarm. No matter how many times I disabled my alarm or changed the mode my alarm went off several times when trying to leave my house. After about 10 to 15 minutes, I eventually got it working. It is very annoying. Even further there is no change log of what Smartthings is doing. They implement changes without notice and when they do provide us with a notice there is NO change log to explain what is being done. Hell they even took away several features for SONOS saying they are working on it. It’s kinda crazy on things you rely on and they take away features for it.

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For the record, I have a v1 hub.

I had tried changing out of Arm(Stay) both manually & through a routine. I am pretty sure I had also restarted the app too.

I didn’t think of it before but I was able to go into Alarm(Away) and now I can switch to any mode, routine or manually.

Thanks guys.

I also have a V1 hub and ran into this today. I can change it (manually and with routines) to armed (away) and armed (stay), but cannot get it to go to disarmed.

Notification states that it changed to disarmed, but it doesn’t - shows armed(away)/(stay) still…and I get all the annoying intruder messages whenever I move.

I tried restarting the app and device - it looks like it is on the server end. Searched the forums and found nothing that helped, so I submitted a ticket.

It just started working again…oh the confidence!