SmartHome Monitor triggers intrusion event while DISARMED

On my way home tonight at 5:37pm, my phone’s presence sensor came within range of my house, and triggered the “We’re Home!” routine, which set the mode to “Home” and set the SmartHome Monitor to “Disarm”.

Five minutes later, I executed my “Alarm: Off” routine (which just disarms SmartHome Monitor, just to be SURE it’s disarmed). Then, I executed a routine to open the garage door, and SmartHome Monitor immediately triggered an intrusion event.

The logs show that it had been disarmed TWICE in the previous 5 minutes, yet it still triggered and intrusion event, turned all the lights on, and triggered notifications.

Any ideas how this can happen?

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And to be clear, this isn’t due to lack of presence detection. It detected my presence and ran the “We’re Home” routine (disarming SHM) 5 minutes before I opened the door and triggered the intrusion event.

It happened to me too (actually my wife). She was real excited about it. At the time, I thought it was a timing issue (messages processed out of order), but I don’t know. I’m leary of using it. It needs some sort of delay before sounding the alarm (like a real alarm system).

Having the same experience here too

Mode misfires have been happening on ST platform for a while. Support has been saying that it is being worked on. I would assume that this issue is related to the same thing.

I’ve got a ticket in with support about this too. My home keeps changing back to away mode no matter how many times I disarm it. It’s probably hurting their infrastructure, because now it’s recording video to the cloud every time my motion sensors go off, which is basically constantly when we’re home! Haven’t heard back yet, but I’ll update when I do.

5:37pm where? Sounds like a peak load problem.

I haven’t trusted it enough to enable a siren or arming Smart Home Monitor yet.

Isn’t ST “Mode” irrelevant to the SHM armed/disarmed alarm-reporting state? These distinctions are so tedious yet essential.

5:37pm Central Daylight Time (GMT -05:00), United States.

Yes, the “mode” is irrelevant, but as noted, the SmartHome Monitor was set to “Disarmed” (twice) and never re-armed in the 5 minutes prior to it generating an intrusion alarm.

The only way i can get the disarm to work solidly is trigger the “I am back!” routine again manually when something like this happens.

Good to know, thanks. Mine seems fine today, but I’m not sure what fixed it.

I’m having a similar issue. Also once the intrusion is detected, it keeps showing “intrusion detected” even though it’s 48 hrs past and keeps sending me reminders (I have push and text enabled). Very annoying… And no response from Support since I opened the ticket 2 days back.

Once the intrusion event occurs, you have to go into the app and clear the alert, or it will keep notifying you. In SmartHome Monitor, if there’s been an event, the “Ok” status changes to something like “View Alert” (I can’t see it right now because I haven’t had an Intrusion event today). But you have to go in to that, and clear the alert.