Keep getting a intrusion, can't see why

I have a routine that is triggered by a motion to switch SHM from Armed(stay) to disarm, if have to get up in night. This is working.

However if I have to goto the back door (to let “rover” out), there is a different motion in there. This is giving me a intrusion alarm from this motion for some reason. I can’t see why.

I’ve checked my rules, checked another app I use SmartRules, and can’t see why or how it’s doing this. I’ve confirmed in logs that SHM is switching to disarm ok, but still getting this strange intrusion. I’m not for example even if I open the back door which has a ST open/close on, otherwise I’d get an alarm from this to.

Anyone help please

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I don’t recommend using SHM. It’s way too buggy and you can accomplish the exact same thing by setting it up yourself.

Have you contacted support? Live chat at or

I haven’t no, I presume its something in my setup though as doesn’t happen randomly through day only when rules running at night, SHM switching etc. I’m presuming its user related.

Even so, our Support team can dig into the logs (with your permission) and determine why it’s happening. Worst case scenario it’s a system issue that we would want to track and escalate to our Engineering team.


I’ve personally had the experience that disarming SHM may take a little longer than it appears on the mobile app. Its not like flipping a switch. Try using CoRE (or SmartRules if that works, I don’t know) to set a notification to yourself when the alarm state changes so you can see when the state is actually changing.

There’s a bit of latency between the state of things in the cloud, the state on the hub, the state in the app, and the state on the sensors. In my experience. It might be a few seconds, but it might be enough to break your rules.

Ah I see, strange thing is through the lights as part of the rule instantly come on, could this be separate. To get to this motion though is at least 20secs after the initial disarm motion.

Well after some testing I’ve found that somehow “good night” routine is triggering, as the mode was “night”, and so if I’m downstairs then its an intrusion alarm from the motion.

However I can’t see how or why…it was (somehow), changed from 1am to 9:45pm? thats why, I changed that to 1am, but again its triggering, checking again and this time "good night"has ran again?

Is there a way to see how and why? looking in the logs, just says that good night was triggered?