Sooo frustrated with the the Alarm

Smart home triggers alarm when it is disabled by routine. As you can see, it says that the Alarm is disabled. But when a door is opened the alarm goes off. What could be happening??? I have included a post for a year ago and the issue still persists.

Based on the linked thread it is fairly well discussed this is all about timing. What you are showing is also not the alarm arming and disarming but are notifications from you setup to trigger those actions.

So my first clarification is if you actually disarm the alarm from the SHM Dashboard do you have issues. If no then this is related to how you are trying to control it and not the alarm itself.

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The message logs also show a mode change, not a SHM state change.

does that log seriously says it disarmed 4hours after the request?

I mean, it looks well documented. A very clear log of events. Just not the timing you would expect. Needs some urgency…

oops, I see - I think it must have missed the first disarm request.

Good point. I only have issues with the routine. If I open the app and disarm the alarm it does not sound. So, you are saying that I have the routine set incorrectly and it is not actually disarming, but setting a different mode.

post a screen shot of your disarm routine

Under your routine, make sure you have
"Set Smart Home Monitor to


I cannot show you my custom routine for the alarm as i went completely stock and removed everything not stock. I must have only been changing the mode and not changed the alarm to disarm. I was just frustrated with all of the deliveries and my wife setting off the alarm because I had it programmed wrong. I feel like the programmer in Office space that missed some mundane detail. Thanks guys.


This probably would have helped FAQ: Armed/Disarmed states vs Away/Home modes confusion