SHM triggering intrusions when disarmed

I have the “Good Morning!” routine set to run every morning at 5:00 AM. This routine is set to disarm Smart Home Monitor. It has been working perfectly fine for months, until now. Twice recently, an intrusion alert has been triggered when opening an exterior door while SHM was supposedly in a disarmed state.

The “Good Morning!” routine appears to have run fine per the Activity Feed in the classic app:

The Event Log in the IDE agrees:
2018-12-03 5:00:00.854 AM EST - LOCATION API - routineExectued - [id] - Good Morning! was executed
201812-03 6:20:10.985 AM EST - APP - intrusion - alarm - Kitchen Door intrusion detected.

There are no arming events listed in the logs between the disarming and intrusion detection events. This is a v2 hub running firmware 000.024.00011. I rebooted the hub after the first time this happened, but it happened again a few days later. Any idea what is going on?

By any chance did you download the new “SmartThings ( Samsung connected) just to take a look at it?

No, I haven’t. I’ve never installed the new app.

Having a similar issue. Tonight I got home and used a code to unlock my door. Both my mobile presence and unlocking the door should disarm SHM, which they seemed to. Then 30 min later the alarm goes off and shows an intrusion. Logs in IDE show that it was the door code triggered the welcome home routine and disarmed the system. Moments later my mobile presence showed up, but didn’t trigger anything since welcome home had already run. Makes sense that it disarmed since several doors and windows opened and closed between then and the time of the intrusion alert without triggering anything. Logs don’t show any changes to SHM state in that time, or any changes in presence or anything else even remotely linked to SHM states. Also took multiple attempts and ~3 minutes to dismiss the intrusion in the app (classic).

Edit: I’ve also never downloaded or installed the new app.