Smarthings Samsung Speakers in Group with Unifi

Well…I can’t figure it out.

I have:
3 x VL350, 1 x VL 550 and 1 x HW-N950
Unifi WIFI: AC-LR (3x)
Unifi Cloud Key
Note 8 Android 9
Ipad Air

When I put two VL350 in group on my phone the Smartthing App on Android crashes
When I put two VL350 in group on my iPad it works fine
When I put two VL350 in group without Wifi on my Phone it works fine
When I put two VL350 in stereo it works fine everywhere

What did I do:
Old versions of Smartthings app on phone
Old versions of firmware on all the Unifi products (WIFI, Switches, USG)
Disable / enable WIFI setting in Unifi
Complete reinstall of the phone (no backups…clean install)
New account for Smartthings and reconnect all the devices after factory reset

What did I miss?

@Gutheinz may be able to offer some advice, he knows a lot about Samsung Speakers.

The VL speakers are relatively new and are not in my knowledge base (they do not have the multiroom sw built in as far as I can tell). I would contact SmartThings AND Samsung support on these issues. It sounds like the android version of the integration is severely flawed.


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The funny thing is that it works till one month ago…don’t know what happenend. Samsung’s response = wait for and updates version of de ST app…we will see.

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Sorry I cannot help with your issue but could I please ask you a question about the VL350.

I already have a VL550 and I am considering getting either another VL550 or two VL350s.
(1) How does the sound on the VL350 compare to the VL550? (The only reviews that I can find of the VL350 say that it has very little bass.)
(2) Have you been able to group the VL550 with the VL350s using the SmartThings app so that you can have the same music playing through both speakers at the same time?

Thanks for any help with this.

From my point of view: the VL550 has more bass volume. If you have 2 VL350 the stereo effect will be more noticable.
And yes, you can group all the VL series. With 2 VL350 you can either group them in stereo or 2 times mono. If you group 2x VL 350 with 1x VL550 the stereo effect on the VL350’s is gone. The VL550 is stereo all the time.

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Thanks for that lbuijk

I have just received a VL350 to go with my VL550.
Unfortunately though, I cannot seem to group the VL350 and the VL550 together.
I can select one of the speakers in the SmartThings app and select “Add to Group” select the other speaker and then Save the group.
However, when I play music through one of the speakers the other speaker in the group is silent.
When I try and select the speaker that has been grouped to the other one SmartThings goes back to the home screen.

Do you have any suggestions for getting this to work?

I have tried the Smart Things app on a Samsung S9+ phone, Samsung tablet and an iPhone. In all cases the app cannot handle grouping the speakers.

I can group the two speakers (VL350 and VL550) together. However, if I select the “slave” speaker of the pair the app seems to crash and go back to the home screen.

If I try and play anything using either of the grouped speakers, then the grouping disappears and the sound only comes out of which ever speaker I selected.