Group Samsung speakers WAM 350(M3) and VL350?

Anyone who knows how to group these different Samsung speakers or if its possible at all. I did not do enough research and took for granted that it wouldnt be a issue but I cant figure it out myself.

I can group the 3pcs M3s in the Samsung Multiroom App by themselves and group the 2pcs VL350s in the Smartthings App but not combine the M3s and the VL350s…

I have also bought a Smarthings hub but I still havent solved how to group the M3s with the V350s.

Please help me!

If you’re looking for help with Samsung branded products, including their ability to connect to the smartthings app, it is better to seek assistance on the Samsung forum. This is monitored by Samsung staff that should be able to assist you.

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I think they use different protocols so I doubt it can be done. @Gutheinz has said as much here…