Samsung R360 Multiroom Speakers


New to SmartThings, but have a question about how to utilise my 10 Samsung R360 speakers effectively.

Not being at all bothered about home-automation, which having looked at at related posts over the years, it all seems to be too cumbersome, complicated, time-consuming and dare I say it, mostly unnecessary (well, for me at least).

I prefer to come home, switch the lights, heating and TV on myself, but that’s just me I suppose.

However, having spent over £2000 on a Multiroom Speaker setup in the last few years, Samsung stopped developing the associated app over 18 moths ago, so I have to try and use something and was informed my speakers will work with SmartThings.

My multiroom system consists of the following:
WAM1500 x 4
WAM3500 x 2
WAM6500 x 3
HWJ6500R x1 (Soundbar)
WAM250 (Multiroom Hub)

Now I have these working with the Samsung Multiroom app, but my preferred streaming music service stopped working properly over a year ago (playlist playback errors) and neither Samsung nor Deezer will fix it (each blaming the other for the issue), but it is the Samsung software at fault.

Anyway, I really liked “Samsung Multiroom” as it enabled me to group speakers and play different tracks to different groups when required or group them all to have whole home audio.

So my question is how do I add these Expensive Paperweights to a room in “SmartThings”?

I tried adding the Samsung WAM250 wireless hub, but that cannot be seen in “SmartThings”, so I’m guessing that’s not possible.

I do have several devices listed under “Directly Connected Devices”:

Xbox One (Console)
Gear S3 (Smart Watch)
AKG Y500 (Headphones)
WAM6500 R6 (Multiroom Speaker)
UE65KS9000 (Samsung TV)

However, none of these cannot be added to a room.

I have managed to get one WAM6500 to connect, but it only by BlueTooth and not wirelessly.

What do I do?

I assumed that I’d be able to connect some devices without a “SmartThings Hub”, so guessing that not having one means I cannot allocate any of those devices to rooms?

If I get a ST Hub, will this enable me to utilise all my current hardware?

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