What am I missing WAM1500 Samsung Multiform Speaker

I’m sure there is something easy I am missing but so far I have not had any luck. I picked up the Samsung Multi-room WAM1500 last night from Sam’s club and have been trying to set it up to trigger music / voice . The speaker works fine using the Samsung multi room app, but I don’t understand what is needed to trigger a MP3 to be sent (or pulled) to the speaker. I have no coding experience so I am not looking to write an application, but surely there has to be established smart app right?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

I don’t see it on the list of supported devices, but if it can work, this is how

Thanks, I had already ran thru this process and added the Samsung Audio connect app. After this what do I need to do in order to play an MP3 file or trigger one? I can pull the Samsung app up and control any music (or MP3) that I currently have playing through the Samsung multi room app. but I am not able to select an MP3 from the app. I have also tried “Big Talker” and tried the SONOS weather forecast with external TTS. Sometimes I can get this to work

You might have a problem connecting the WAM1500 as it is NOT DLNA equipped therefore you will have issues connecting the speaker with ST.

It says right on the box that it is “Officially” integrated with Smartthings however, which was the only reason I picked it up for $120 from costco… the Smartthings app however just keeps spinning and spinning trying so find a speaker and never does…

@drkashifa I have this speaker and I use the app "Speaker Notify with sound " and it plays on my Samsung without any problems. I can’t get the app “talking alarm Clock” working. I with you and don’t understand why all apps are not working on the speaker. Try the app it will work for you.

It is very inconsistent. Speaker Notify with Sound, won’t work with my WAM1500 speaker. I picked it up as the box says it “Works with Smartthings”, but not even close to integration as many apps won’t work. Only things which works for me is through the Smart Home Monitor custom monitoring app.

These will work via RM, TTS is nativly supported, via custom commands you can play MP3’s that are hosted on external web servers (barking dogs, and other pre-recorded annunciations.

What does that mean via rm?

Rule machine, superceded by core…