VL351 setup issues

I’m trying to set up 2 VL351 speakers wirelessly with no luck. The speakers are not listed in the Smartthings app as being compatible; however, the VL350 is. The only difference i can see between the two models is the color; one is black (350) and the other is white (351). On the Samsung website the 351 is listed as being compatible. If I connect the 351 to a hub via Ethernet, it sets up instantly. Unfortunately it’s identified as a wired device and will only operate/be detected if connected with Ethernet and I can’t change the connection settings. If I unplug the cable everything is greyed out and the device is offline. I’ve tried resetting isp modem/router, Smart things hub, resetting device you name it. Neither one (of the 2 351s) will at up wirelessly. The setup seems to run smoothly, the steps seem a little different than the wired setup but when it gets to the last step the percentage of setup completion is shown with the message “Audio is being registered to your Samsung Account” and then after hanging at 99% for about 2-3 min: “There was a problem connecting to the network with your Audio. Make sure your network is working correctly.” The network appears to be fine. The speaker detects the network and connects through the setup process prior to that message. Seems like it should work but I have no idea what to do at this point. I’m not particularly tech savvy. Hoping someone can provide an obvious/easy fix. Thanks in advance.