Samsung TV (Ue32t5305ckxxc) + 2 wam550


I’d like to know if my recent purchased TV (UE32T5305CKXXC ) is compatible with multiroom link technology ?

If yes what app I’ll have to use to link both WAM550 with the TV ? The SmartThings app ? (because it seem’s that previously, Samsung used a MultiRoom app).

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I don’t think there will be an App for this. You are right the WAM550s can use a “Samsung MultiRoom” App, but the TV cannot. That App is only intended for a series of Speakers that Samsung released a few years ago.

Both can add to the SmartThings App, but I don’t think you could “link” them here in the way you are looking for (turn them both on via Scene or something, sure).

The TV does have a Bluetooth connection, which you could link to at least one Speaker, perhaps both. This might accomplish at least part of what you want done, but I’m not sure. Anyways, hope that is at least somewhat helpful. Let me know if you have more questions!

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You said that my TV has the bluetooth but it hasn’t. Are you sure you’ve checked the good reference ^^ ?
As you can see here : or on the image below, the description includes the Multiroom Link compatibility

So I don’t know if its true or not but if is it, I could maybe connect the WAM550 with the TV ?

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I was looking at this: User Guide, but there is note that Bluetooth may not be in all regions. My apologies if that is the case for yours.

As for the “Multiroom Link” in the description on the third-party website from your screenshot:

  • Could be region specific as well.
  • A mistake on the part of the website.
  • It does use the “MultiRoom Audio” App which is still available on the App Store and Play Store.

I’d try out the third option and see what you can do within the MultiRoom Audio App. This is still functional and I use it on occasion for an older Soundbar.