Smarthings New App closing down frequently on Android (samsung note 8)

December update ver 1.7.41-25 app closing down frequently. Rooms lists move from where i set them in the list. Checking status of devices takes ages to clear . One step forward and two steps back.Still not fit for purpose

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And on another issue. I have a new galaxy watch . The smarthings app takes far far to long to sync , leaves the app useless. And as for the watch smarthings widget , it takes an age to sync. Man they should be able to get this right by now. The smarter things watch app was better than the official app. I think they was an update about 1 month ago in USA to help intergrate smarthings better and Bixby but as usual it takes an age to arrive anywhere else. Sorry for the rant but I have held faith in samsung for a long time now and I do find smarthings very useful and that Is mostly down to this community’s efforts. Thank you all for keeping this project relevant. Happy new year.

I am in Europe. My watch just received this morning an update.
My experience, that you set up Scenes add them as a Widget, and tap on it to active. Loading devices is painful, I have 127. Bezel scroll is not working on the Scenes, etc.
But if it is a widget, then tap. If hasn’t execute, then do a double tap. It works most of the time for me. But it depends on the phone-watch connection too.

Could you tell me the update version you received? My software is at R8OOXXU1CSG4. Cheers.

It is R800XXU1DSL1, UI One 1.5, Tizen and Knox 2.4.0, SE 2.0.0, TIMA 3.0.0. It was purchased from should be the German model. But the SmartThings Gear app is still 1.4.41 from the 23rd of September.

Cheers.will let you know when I get the update and if I find an improvement. Also just to say it takes about 2 minutes to get the widget to show the device to work. (Switch for gates)

I have defined Scenes as widgets to control devices. It works faster. Synchronisation takes ages for devices. (This update changed the top pull down menu to be 3x2 with bigger icons instead the previous 4x2 setup.)

Thank you again. Yes Scenes does indeed work faster , but now have to open smarthings app to get to same. Cant use Scenes in a widget.

I have Scene widgets set up without any issue. You might want to look at the Galaxy Store on your phone and try to update the SmartThings app for the Watch.

Cheers. Seen the widget for Scenes. Thanks

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Just got the new update for the galaxy watch. Oh ya this has improved the use of Bixby to control smarthings. Works like a charm. Thanks for you help with this.

The press reactions of the ST app is still the same as before, unfortunately.

Yes the smarthings watch app is pretty much useless to control . Sync goes on for ever, but I use the Scenes widget and now Bixby can control my smarthings devices from the watch. It’s good.

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