SmartThings Android app updates versions and (Dec '23)

I’ve only just downloaded the update and it isn’t available for my Galaxy devices yet. So far nothing is leaping out at me.

The ridiculous behaviour where button actions can’t be assigned, and certain other routine creation isn’t available, if so much as a single device is deselected in the app remains.

one item that should be fixed in this update:

I don’t see any outward changes. Hopefully there are some bug fixes.

It fixes the UI for the issue where the lock codes section of the SLGA was missing.

The update arrived with me a day or so ago… tbh it is just about unuseable for me, slow, laggy, ponderous

It was slow before this update which has been on going now for probably a year… each update seems to add more lag, more slow response times but this one for me is the point where i just cant be bothered with it anymore

I no longer want to fight the app, sort out issues, ST or Samsung have removed the joy of the projects initial intentions and fun

I received SmartThings Android app version overnight. I don’t see any obvious changes. I only received five days ago.

After the update my routines were not listed on the Routines page but clearing the cache fixed that problem.

I hadn’t noticed. I’ll update the thread title to cover both.

Anyone figure out how to get the watch complications to work?

From the “How to use” option in the Android app (

I have the latest updates for both the phone and the watch, but can’t find a single watch face that allows the SmartThings complications to be added. SmartThings does not even show as an option in available complications. What gives?

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I’m not seeing any way to do this either with any of the native Samsung watchfaces on my Galaxy Watch 4. In fact, I had to totally reset my watch on January 1st so everything’s been completely reloaded fresh and I don’t see this SmartThings Complications feature available anywhere noticable.

Although, I’m currently using the WatchMaker app with a watchface that I made. I then use the SmartThings API via the Tasker app to set some WatchMaker app variable(s) which I display on my watchface. I can see the Thermostat temperature, and the Open/Close status of my garage door which I’ve been meaning to maybe change to a small garage door image instead of just text on my watchface. And I’m still thinking about showing when SmartThings is in the Armed Stay status like changing the watchface background color or something.


Thanks for the confirmation that it is not just me going crazy… just more false promises from the SmartThings folks.

Yeah, I waited 5 years for the Smart Home Monitor (previously SmartThings Home Monitor) watch tile to view and change the alarm status from my watch, and which someone previously told me was officially “coming soon”. Gave up waiting and made my own in an afternoon using Tasker. Been working great ever since. Here are some screenshots of the watch tile in both states:



I see that they just quietly updated the old notice from October in the Android app to remove any mention of the watch complications feature. Glad I have a screenshot of it for my use 5 years from now in the forums to prove that we are still waiting.

Perhaps someone more important than me should let them know that this is the opposite reaction we expect. Perhaps they should just enable the feature… or if they can’t do that, perhaps provide some acknowledgement here of an issue and a timetable for correction. So disappointing!


Edit - Scratch that, I still see it listed under ‘How to use - SmartThings for Galaxy Watch’, it’s just missing in the ‘Notices - SmartThings App Update for Watch’ from October 2023.

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Any update on this. I thought the feature was GREAT to be able to not have to remove devices that I only use certain times of the year. But then I quickly found out that it limits ability for other things. Doesn’t make any sense.

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