Smarthings hub changing networks - App needs improvements

I have a Smartthings Hub V3 firmware 000.044.00009, App is latest version,
I had it on my Wifi network. I wanted to change it to ethernet, plugged it into a port on my switch. I can see it got an IP address from DHCP but the Wifi continues to try to connect and it’s MAC address keeps showing up on the network.
The App itself does not show any good information or any good configuration options.
I cannot see network info, I want to see IP address, gateway etc. Maybe options for static or manual.
I cannot see what wifi network it is connected to. I’d like to see an easier way to change networks rather than pushing a pin in the reset button and risk losing all devices. I am not touching that rest button.
Maybe also auto disable Wifi if ethernet is connected.
Having no visibility to network options is very frustrating.

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