How to change smartthings hub from ethernet to wifi?

Hi all, I’ve gone through a number of threads and I noticed most of them configured wifi first and then switching to ethernet just works.

I’m getting quite some delay on a piston I created and I want to see if it’s caused by the distance so I want it to work on wifi, is there anyway to do that without reseting my hub?

I’ve setup my smartthings hub on ethernet, any chance of making that switch to wifi without resetting the hub and reconfigure the stuff?

Reboot the hub, if at startup it sees an ethernet connection it will use that instead of WiFi

Hey RBoy, not like that, it’s the other way around. I’ve setup it first with ethernet thinking it’s the quickest way to set this up and I can easily add wifi connection later on.

Is there a way to setup wifi connection after having many things setup on the hub? (e.g. various devices, webCoRE, etc) ?

Yes you should be able to do it using the new ST app from the settings page where you can connect your hub to WiFi

I’m on SmartThings settings page and the “Change device Wi-Fi network >” is greyed out or disabled. How do I enable this ?

You may need to contact support, that should be enabled for V3 hubs I think.