Changing WIFI on hub v2

Can someone tell me how to connect my version 2 hub to another wifi router? I don´t see any options in the classic app, and in the new app there is an option to change wifi but it is grayed out (not available), so I am completely lost.

Just set up a new wifi network in my house and want to connect my Smartthings hub to it. Have looked for information here on the forum but to no avail. Don´t want to reset the hub if it would possibly lose all configured things.

Any help would be much appreciated.

You mean the v3 hub. V2 only has an Ethernet connection :slight_smile:


I should be kicked out of this community! My hub is connected via ethernet while I simply assumed it was connected via wifi. Didn´t really pay attention to the white ethernet cable - so of course I can´t change the wifi! @jkp thank you as your comment made me look.


Been there, done that, wasted hours…

Then the light comes on in the head lil!

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