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Smarthings Classic on New Device?



I just received a new phone and trying to login into smartthing classic (on Android Phone). Post login, system is unable to identify HUB. When I go online (via browser), I do see the HUB setup.

I love the classic app since it has support for lock codes. Speaking to customer support, they mentioned whenever a phone is changed, I need to do a HARD RESET on HUB which would mean all my paired device will be lost !!!

Can you advise if it is true and do I have to go through painful process of pairing all components just because I changed the phone ?

Mitesh Sarvaiya



Please ignore this, I figured it out. System created a separate location (Another Home) for me on the app, I had to simply change the dropdown to use new “Home” location.

Weird that support mentioned that everytime I change the phone, I need to reset the hub.


( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #3

That’s not “weird” - it is maddeningly inaccurate, foists a significant amount of unnecessary effort upon the customer, and is evidence of either poor communication by and/or training of, the support agent.