Smarthings Apple Watch App configuration

I finally figured out how to get things on my Apple SmartWatch so it is usefull! There is absolutely no information anywhere that I could find on how to do this since “Scenes” are gone.

So you need to add a “Manual” routine. For example to be able to unlock / lock my front door from my watch I had to create 2 “Manual” routines.
1 to lock the door and 1 to unlock it. Then they show up under “Widgets” in Settings.

You then have to Remove the app from Apple Watch in the Apple Watch settings, (On the iPhone), and then Re-Add it in order for the changes to take effect.

I have not as yet found a way to “Order” these routines since it seems to ignore either of the 2 options for ordering routines and / or Widgets.

Also it seems you can only have a maximum of 4 of these in the “Manual Routines” (That is what is says in the “Widgets” dialogue but I am still not really sure if this is the “Apple Watch” widgets or something else?

For reference I have an Apple Watch 7 and have recently upgraded to IOS 17.

Will do further testing.

Edit: It turns out you can have more than 4 “Manual” Routines and they do show up on the Apple Watch App. So I am not sure what if any effect “Widgets” has on this.

“Manual Routines” is the new name for “Scenes.”

They just introduced this change a few weeks ago and the documentation is still inconsistent as far as which term is used where. :thinking:

That may be. But this is not the first time I have tried to find a way to make the apple Watch app usefull. There seems to be very little documentation anywhere on how to add routines (Scenes) to the apple watch which is why I wrote this document so hopefully other people looking to make their Smartthings Apple Watch app useful might find a way to do that.

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Try JSmartWatch. Awesome Apple Watch app.


The Widgets setting controls what is seen in the SmartThings widget in your iOS device.

I did some quick testing and confirmed that the order that manual routines show up on Apple Watch is determined by the order in which they are created. To reorder them I had to delete them and recreate them in the order in which I wanted them appear on my Watch.

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