Apple watch application?

The ST Apple watch application is working fine for me. However, in order to use it I have to launch it either from the application screen or the dock. It would be convenient to be able to launch it directly from a complication on my default watch face. Unfortunately, although I can customize the various complications to most of the other apps on the phone. For some reason I can’t pick the SmartThings app as a complication. Is there some way to allow the ST watch app to be used as a complication?

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The only Apple Watch integration is to use a routine as a widget. Then it will also be available for the watch.

Alternatively, you may be able to use the DO Button from IFTTT to initiate smartthings actions.

I actually recently sent an email to Support resisting a complication for the Apple Watch. Send them an email requesting it!

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Hi Ryan, I’m assuming you meant to say “requesting”. That’s a good idea. I’ll send one to support as well.

JDRoberts, Just to clarify. I already have routines working great in the ST Apple Watch app. What I’m missing is a better way to access the ST app on the watch. I would like to be able to launch it from a complication (in addition to the current ways of navigating to it in the Dock or on the application screen). That would make my routines available with only a single tap vs. multiple presses/swipes. Other applications show up as being available to select as complications, but for some reason the ST app does not.

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I just use Siri:

Wrist tilt, “Hey Siri, open SmartThings” :sunglasses:

Great suggestion. That actually works quite well. Now if Apple would just allow us to trigger a ST routine with voice after doing that…

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oh well… smarthings does not have an app for Samsung S2/S3 watches… but has one for Apple Watch!
Some irony!

Oops…yes, I meant ‘requesting’…auto correct is a pain. I’m hoping they give it a go…it’d be a nice addition.