Apple Widget & Watch - No Options under Settings

When I go into my account and the option for manage Widget & Watch I see a screen that says “Select your phrases to be displayed…” however NOTHING shows here…

How would I add the ability to, say, turn a light on or off to the watch/widget?

Have you removed all the routines?

You’ll need to have a routine for the light on/off and then you can enable the routine.

If you do have routines set up and they don’t show in the app, I would probably contact support, but hopefully that’s not the case (or if so, hopefully someone else knows another thing to try)

I’m not certain what a routine is exactly…

I’m able go to into “things” and turn everything on and off… All I am looking to do is to be able to do the same thing from my watch/widget…

After googling I now realize what a routine is…

I actually deleted all of the defaults a while back because I don’t tend to approach things that way (weather or not I want something on or off rarely can be equated to some formula).

Is SmartThings only setup to support routines in watch/widget? If so I suppose I can create a bunch of individual routines to control the things I want to be able to control (assuming this is possible with routines)…

Yes, the official SmartThings widgets are only associated with routines.

If you are in the US, you have some additional third-party options.

You can use IFTTT do buttons. This is a free service.

If you have iOS, you can buy a $9 third-party app called smartrules which is both a rules engine and has widgets. I like this one a lot.

If you have android, you can buy a third-party app called sharptools. Not a rules engine, but does have widgets. Also very nice.


The following FAQ covers some of the scheduling options in SmartThings. It might help:

I’ve actually already purchased SmartRules, but have disabled it for the time being (it turned out to be the culprit in a problem for which I had actually created another thread).

I don’t trust IFTTT, I’ve had too many problems and far to many reports of said problems going completely ignored. In one case I was able to determine an action was taking well over an hour to occur after the triggering event. It started with me trying to figure out why my bedroom lamps seemingly randomly were turning on in the middle of the night several nights in a row.

I’ll have to see if I can craft some routines to accomplish what I’m looking for… Thanks!

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