SmartCam 6414 Not Recognized

Hi. I bought the 6414 and am able to set it up and connect via the SmartCam app. When I go to the ST app and try to add an existing camera, it doesn’t find it nor can I try and set it up as a new camera in the ST app. Has anyone had this problem before?

You are doing it right, SmartCam app first then add as an existing camera.

  1. Just to double check… this isn’t the white camera that was sold at Costco’s, is it? It looks identical to the 6414 (but white) but has a different model number. This camera WILL NOT work with SmartThings. It has a different firmware.

  2. If you call Customer Service, say “SmartThings” instead of “Video Camera”. The camera people won’t be able to help you. The SmartThings staff was good though. They log right into your unit and can see what is happening. That’s how I found out about item #1.

I have just gone through something similar. Do you have a modem/router combo unit? If so, some of them do some funny stuff while dealing with the packets (mine is from Spectrum). After several emails and a phone conversation with ST customer support I ended up having to connect my ST hub and the cameras to a separate router (actually mine is a network extender with an Ethernet connection). As soon as the hub and cameras were together on the extender they linked right up.

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Good call, I forgot about that. CS did mention that but I didn’t have a problem with mine (Verizon FiOS). They did state it could take some reboots of the router or connect to a separate one as you did.