SmartApps suddenly only work randomly (14 October 2018)

I’ve been using automations for a year but they’ve suddenly begun to fail.

I went online and saw that EVERYTHING in my home was paused. I cleared that up but now things are no longer firing reliably.

Lights should turn on with motion sensor, but nothing. I’ve rebooted but it hasn’t helped.

Any ideas?

Probably this: (this is a clickable link)

I wish their updates would quit breaking stuff. I’ve had so many bugs over the past 6 months that I’m about ready to abandon the system altogether.


Having similar issues since the latest update. Devices going offline. Can’t get them to connect, even from scratch. Rebooted hub multiple times. Rebooted wifi. Still trying to figure out how to get everything back online. Only affected some things but not all.


I found out that everything was being paused. I’ve restarted via the website but they went back to pause. Got them restarted tonight but no automations are working. Nothing at all.

I’ve gotten some attention from Support but nothing fixed yet.


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