Smartapps stopped working last night?

@radiogavin - I also experienced issues last night. Again with SmartAlarm althought I suspect a ST issue. I wasn’t able to arm the system. Once again my smartapps just wouldn’t respond to changes in mode for several hours. Everythings seems fine today, but no alarm last night. This was about 11:00 last night eastern time.

I’m getting the sense that while really neat from a technology perspective, the cloud aspect of this solution is equal parts strength and equal parts problematic.


Did you get an explanation from

I should probably ping them when I notice things like that. I didn’t the past two times but I will next time.

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Well… So far so good. Time Warner Cable insists they didn’t do anything, but my service appears to be stable again. I Stayed up late one night this week and manually monitored my service. I found that my broad band was flapping. I assume this is the same root cause for my smartThings problem.

I can’t wait for Hub v2.

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Also noticed Smartapps not working last night. Interestingly enough though, activity log showed events happening (ex: lights on at sunset) but they were actually off when I came home.

I had the same problem last night, which is luckily rare for me.

It happened to me too and I thought it was only me… and did a zwave repair (of course unnecessarily) as my night bulbs stopped working which are plugged into zwave outlets and dictated by motion sensors.

None of my Sunset actions executed tonight… I presume it’s the “known issue” regarding peak time scheduling".
No sunset events listed in the Hub Event Log.

Just rebooted my hub, though, to make sure I’m on latest Firmware (13.13). … We’ll see what tomorrow brings. I’ll open a Support Ticket if the same thing happens tomorrow, now that my FW is up to date.

So … currently I have a “connected” home, but not an “automated” home :wink:.

…CP / Terry.

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Mine did trigger though along with good night couple of minutes back and of course it did miss couple of hues! As expected! :wink:

I hate to admit this, but unreliability is the #1 reason I’ve not moved forward with more ST projects at this time. As a wheelchair-dependent quad, I don’t always have a workaround if stuff doesn’t work. :cold_sweat:

I don’t expect technology to be perfect, but I expect failures to be rare. I use a lot of home automation of various types, in fact I rely on it to reduce my dependence on health aides, but the risk/benefit is a different ratio for me than for a lot of people.

Consequently even though I’m pretty knowledgeable (my college degree was in computer information systems), I choose reliable over buzzworthy pretty much every time. I’m really hoping the new hub will improve local reliability.


What time zones do you guys live in? I’ve never seen mine miss its sunset actions. We must not have very many ST in the mountain time zone.

[quote=“Enitech, post:31, topic:10101”]
What time zones do you guys live in?

Pacific… San Francisco… Which I suppose must have a lot of gadget early adopters.

But my personal sunset actions rarely fail.

I noticed my Magic Home struggle a couple of times this week, but in the morning around sunrise. I think mine were related to my departure from home coinciding very closely with the actual sunrise time. There was a bit of a delay in the “Away” action being detected, and there fore it happened after Sunrise, but it set the home to “Away Night” just the same. It’s been otherwise reliable, but I’ll monitor. I think my issues were timing coincidences.

FYI, I had major problems this morning - but they appear to have been exclusive to my SmartAlarm app. That app seems to have lost mode awareness - which I suspect is the same thing that happened last time I reported this issue. All of my “simpler” apps worked fine. SmartAlarm did not, it got stuck in an “armed” state and took a reload of the app to clear. Ugh! I’ll post a separate thread to see if @Geko might be able to help figure this one out. It still could be s SmartThings problem, but the impact of these problems seems focused primarily on that app - which is one of the most important for me!

It happen to me last night too when wife arrived. Mode change from stay to home.Garage door open, back door open then the alarm tripped off. Back door close then the mode goes to arm stay.I don’t know why it happen.

Ok so nothing here works right now, how do I trobleshoot it?

I go to the Support page and get semi-relevant options:

  1. Search for an answer.
  2. Send us an email.

No wonder this goes nowhere …

Where is the automatic report generation and the pre-formated feedback to support??

Same or similar problem. SmartAlarm is not reacting properly to changing modes, so I’m getting false alarms despite presence detection changing the mode to “Home Day” well before the alarm. I’m also seeing SmartAlarm fail to arm, even when the mode goes to “Away Day” or “Away Night”.

I just submitted a report to the support email (

Never hurts to log the call with Support@, of course, but I fear they will respond that they can’t offer much help with a Community developed SmartApp.

If there’s a process within the SmartApp that is isolated down to the fundamental building blocks, then there is a specific SmartThings problem they could address, right?

My plain vanilla Hello Home Actions failed last night as well, including a sunset trigger and a completely separate motion sensor event. No custom code.

Wifi speed was fine. Just an ST issue.

@JDRoberts same here… Opened a ticket.

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