Alarm went off but system was disarmed

This will probably be the end for me on using SmartThings for security.

I already have two routines to turn the system on, in case one fails, and two to turn it off in the morning for the same reason.

This morning the home security system was disarmed. However, when House Member went into garage, the garage motion detector triggered both the lights and the sirens. This, even though the system was disarmed.

What are we supposed to do now to work around this particular glitch? Checking to make sure the system is disarmed no longer works.


There are many ways to use SmartThings for security related functionality without using the significantly flawed “Smart” Home Monitor…

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How would we use it to trigger alarms and lights when motion is detected during certain hours? This is the only way I know how.

And the thing wasn’t even armed.

Use Rule Machine. It performs nearly 100% accurately.

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I’ll give it a shot. I have it installed, but haven’t tried it yet.

Anything has got to be better at this point.

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