Smart Security App not activating consistently

I’ve been using the smart security app for several days to test it out. I’m having a problem where sometimes it will arm properly and I will get notifications when motion sensors trip or doors are opened and the siren will go off. But other times its imply fails to do anything. I have an action set up for “going to sleep arm alarm” and I know its been run. But again sometimes the system just does not arm properly. I can actually disarm and rearm it several times and nothing ever works when its in that condition.

For example this morning I set it before I went to bed and tested it and it worked perfectly. I disarmed it to turn off the siren rearmed it and went to bed. When I woke up this morning I went downstairs to try and set it off and nothing happened. It had not reset because it was morning. The mode was correct, in an armed state.

This is really frustrating. Are there any debug utilities that can show me exactly what is happening with the system at every second? I find it very difficult to debug things like this when I can’t see what’s actually happening. Has anyone else seen this?


Hi @jeff1, did you ever figure this issue out? I have same problem after device sitting for awhile. I have a strobe/Siren that activates strobe only when Sensor is open. For example in the morning when I trip Sensor, strobe won’t go of until I open and close a couple times. The Sensor shows open just won’t trigger smart security app. Let me know what you did. Thanks.

I would put in a ticket with ST. My issue resolved after a few days, it was during a rough patch of ST reliability for me. No problems since but I didn’t really do anything.