Smart Alarm won't Disarm

(B N) #1

Anyone have problems with Smart Alarm setting off the Siren even in Home (Disarm) mode? This has happened to me twice now. When i first setup Smart Alarm everything works great for about 3 months and it would start acting up. Smart Alarm will Disarm and Arm according to my setup but even when Disarmed it sets off the Siren if Motion is detected. I even Disarm with my phone and it still set off the Siren. I had to disconnect everything and setup from the beginning again and it will work for a while and the exact happens again. I am now forced to use Smart Home Alarm instead of Smart Alarm.

(Ray) #2

It’s caused by ST end. It’s a known issue. You can go into Smart Alarm and just go through the setup steps without changing anything and it will work again until the next ST hiccup. Or just change one of the entrance delay time by one second.

(B N) #3

So this is know issue?? Siren goes off even when ST Disarmed by Presence Sensor or Manually?

(Dale C) #4

Yep, part of the SmartThings melt down for the last several weeks. Mine had been working very well for the last several days and for whatever reason the last two days have not been so good. I would just send in a support ticket to let them know what is happening. BTW my Presence sensing has not been reliable at all even before the Melt Down but now it doesn’t really change states.