SmartApps not showing for all locations

For some reason, when i add SmartApps to my “SmartHome” location, the apps never show up in the list. But i can see the apps under this particular location in the IDE. Please help…has this happened to anyone else. I do have another location called “SmartThings” and those apps show, but nothing i’ve added recently show in the location. Any help would be greatly appreciated guys!

Try click on Add SmartApp, and then hit the back button.
You may need to go back completely to the main screen and try to go to the SmartApps again.

No definitely, have done all of that GS. Tried deleting the app and reinstalling. The same issue is on my 2nd iPhone as well…so i know it’s something to do with the SmartThings system. Just not sure how to fix it. I sent an email into SmartThings as well, just waiting to hear back. Thanks!

Where are you from? What region is your Samsung account registered?