Smartthings app crashing

I first noticed that my smart lights app was not working, so thought that it was broken, then I was getting the same unexpected error on routines and a couple of other apps.

is anyone else having issues with the smartthings app.

Yes, I have been told ST is have performance issues at the moment for Android devices.

Any update on this? I’m not able to make any changes to my lighting apps. Red error bar on all of them.

Check website

No change in behavior on smart apps for me either - lots of apps (Routines, Rule Machine and Smart Lighting in particular) are still getting the red error bar on interaction with their setup. The status website acknowledges this as of yesterday, but no new updates so far today.

I’m experiencing massive problems. Any on/off rules with a timer function aren’t working at all. The windows app crashes constantly. The android app won’t load device settings on most devices. For example, my Aeon Multisensor is stock on showing motion, but the app won’t show any temperature, Lux, humidity info. What the heck is going on?