Error loading Smart Apps

At least 60% of the time, the smartthings app fails to load my list of smart apps. It’s only that page that fails to load.

Is this happening to anyone else? Anyone know of a fix?

ahh yes. Failed to load rooms, failed to load SHM screen, failed to load apps. Yep…

Yes! I’ve been seeing this for about a week. I put in a ticket on Friday

I did same today. We shall see.

Failed to load has been there since 2.0.8… it’s not a new bug…

and alas it is still here in 2.10

I have had this problem in Android for weeks. It is extremely frustrating. When I am developing a SmartApp, I often can’t test it because I can never get the SmartApp list to appear. I have to borrow an IOS device from family just to test things.

I believe that somewhere in 2.0.8 SmartThings introduced a “time-out” period in the app of 10 (or so) seconds. If your data connection is experience some slowness or you have a lot of data to load, the app times out and throws that error. Just a theory, but I was once developing an app that did some pretty heavy compute when opening it from the SmartThings app. I could count to 10 and it would throw the error when loading. If the SmartThings platform was in a good mood, I would not make it to 10 and the app would load fine.

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This bug has now made it impossible for me to do anything. I have been unable to access any smartapps via the ST Android app for over a day. WTF?

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Had to remove 15-20 smartapps (a lot from Rule Machine) in order to access my SmartApps page. In my mind, this is good evidence of the “time-out” period limitation that Eric M suggested above.

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28 smart apps here, with about 50 children…the timeout frequency is much worse that it was in 2.0.8.
Going at the smartapp through the device works, so it is for sure timing out on the page load for the smart apps.
Super super annoying now…
Pretty sure 28 smart apps is not out of the norm here.

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I’m only using 6 or 7 actual smartapps. And it takes at least ten to fifteen tries to get in… If I ever do!

Oh, and then a soon as it does load, it crashes!


Same issue here…got much worse on this latest update. Before I could usually close the app and try again. Now it’s pretty difficult to get it to appear.

Possibly unrelated, but Rule Machine seems much less reliable now, even with my update rules, rule.

So now it’s more like a success rate of 1%… This makes it damn near impossible to test the apps I’m trying to develop. Especially since the emulator never works.

After y’all still having trouble with the loading smartapps error?

If you are trying just get to RM, or any parent/child smartapp and your getting the error, do this.

Go to market place, smart apps, my apps. Then tap on either rule or rule machine.

Tapping on rule takes you straight the create a new rule menu.

Tapping on rule machine takes you straight to your list of rules

This works for other smart apps as well.


Thanks so much for this tip. I’ve been trying to tweak a rule for 3 days now. This work around did the trick.