Smartapp Virtual device creation

Hi, I am trying to create a virtual device instance on the samsung smartthings, Im kinda new to it. I have programmed a c2c instance with a TP link smart plug, which can turn and off the plug and the device whichever connected through it. However from the new smartthings app I can only see the instance from the routines not from the devices. Which means this is not acting as a virtual device. I want to know how can I make it as a virtual device so that the app instance will comes under the device section. Your help is much appreciated.

Not sure what that SmartApp is. Looks like something leftover from the former Groovy, cloud-based architecture.

For using a TP-Link/Kasa device in the ST mobile app, go to the Devices tab, click on the + and select “Add Device”. Then click on the search and type “TP” and TP-Link/Kasa Smart" will come up. You can then proceed to link your TP-Link account with your ST account which will import the TP-Link devices.

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