Getting smartthings to work with tp-link kasa and multipurpose sensor

Hey guys sorry if this post is in the wrong section, I’m new to all this…

I have searched far and wide for help on this but couldn’t find anything unfortunately!!

So I just baught a smartthings hub, multipurpose sensor and a TP-link HS100 smart plug, basically what I am trying to achieve is when a door opens the sensor tells the smart plug to turn off and when the door shuts I want the plug to turn back on.
For some reason I can’t get this to work through the smartthings hub because the hub is controlled through kasa…

Sorry if this is a silly question but any help would be appreciated :blush:

You have to be using the new app and then you have to link your TP Link Kasa Account with your smartthings account (using the smart pthings app) and then the plug will be available to use in your smartThings automation. :sunglasses:

Do you have the multipurpose sensor connected to SmartThings where you can see and control it in the SmarthThings app? Do you have your TP-link plug connected to SmartThings where you can see and control it in the SmartThings app?

This doesn’t make any sense, was that second "hub " supposed to read “plug”? If so, the plug can be controlled by both Kasa and SmartThings. Those plugs are WiFi, which means SmartThings has no way to control them directly, they control them by connecting to the Kasa cloud, which requires you to link your Kasa account with your Samsung account. To do this, use the new SmartThings app, select add a device, scroll down and select TP-link/Kasa, select outlet, and follow the instructions.

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