Need help to create a C2C instance switch

Hi, I am completely new to this, I am trying this SmartApp thing for the first time. I am stuck at the verification stage "SmartThings is not able to verify the registration of the WebHook SmartApp. Please make sure your app is available and properly implemented, and verify again. How to verify the WebHook SmartApp. Kindly Help.

Have you reviewed the developer documentation regarding using Schema Apps?

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Hey Bruce, Thanks for your reply, Yes I did take a look into the schema apps web page, as I don’t have much experiences in development, I was unable to figure it out. I have a VPS I am trying to create switch for the C2C. Will it be possible for you to give me heads up for the steps I need to follow. Your help is much appreciated.

Hi @Rahul_Banerjee Welcome to SmartThings Community

Maybe this tutorial can help you Schema Devices and Custom Capabilities, the tutorial provides an OAuth Server example that you can use to test your Connector.

If you have any questions, please let me know

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Hi I was goinf through the blog, and I was stuck at the oAuth server configuration section, I was unable to start that server, as everytime I was doing npm run start it was throughing me error that port 3000 is already used. I checked and tried to kill the process but seems like in glitch port 3000 will auto restart with a different PID each time. can you give me a way around?

@Rahul_Banerjee Sorry for the delay I was out of the Office

If I remember well you need to share the project, it will display a live site something like https://********** you can use this on the workspace to test your connector