TP Link Kasa

Since Kasa devices are now supported with SmartThings. Should I remove the TP Link Cloud Connect smart app and device handler from SmartThings? And just go through and add it as a new devices.

I would recommend doing that but others might have different thoughts on this.

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Do you loose anything functionality or is there benefits

That part I can’t answer as I never used that. I have used the new integration and have not had any issues.

My only reason for suggesting you switch is that at some point, the old groovy stuff will be discontinued.

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Do these work with the version 2 hub?

The tp-link kasa integration works with the v2

Thanks, I will look into them.

Tp-link kasa devices works as a linked service.
The kasa smart app has features that smartthings do not have, such as progressive turning on and off of lights, which you can program in its app. Outlet consumption inquiries. control of your cameras, which in smartthings are not integrated.
You can combine both apps and use smartthings for automations and scenes, which in kasa are limited to 3 automations.
In smartthings have cloud to cloud integration and works fine.


If I remove the link in “linked services” for Kasa do I have to add each device again to Smartthings now that it can be added natively? If so not looking forward to this as I have 40 devices

I may be confused, but isn’t “linked services“ the way you get the manufacturer’s integration?

The old way was using a custom smartapp called “TPLink Cloud Connect.” That showed up under smartapps, not under linked services.

The new way is to going to add devices, choose the brand, and then it will walk you through signing into your TP Link Kasa cloud account. After you have added that, the brand will show up under linked services.

Is there some other newer method?


Each device cannot be directly added.
To my knowledge, nothing has changed with tp-link. All devices that you have in your tp-link account are added as a linked service.
As say @JDRoberts .


I have a number of different Kasa TP-Link devices and all are added to ST via linked services. Their own app is quite nice as well.


so how the heck do i remove the smart app and device handlers for TP-Link SmartThings Manager. i get an error saying app is still in use or devices in use. i removed my tp link in linked services in smartthings settings, but cannot remove the smart app and device handler? when i try to uninstall tp link cloud connect in the smart app i get a network error.

DISREGARD! i was able to remove it.

Can the KASA app do time based automations? Like on at one time, off at another? All I see is sunset and sunrise.