Smartapp that monitors all temp sensors and alerts too hot?

I want to use all my multi sensors and motion sensors as second line of defense to monitor for fires. I want to be alerted if any temp sensors reads 100+. How often do temperatures get refreshed with the hub? (I’m using the ST multipurpose window sensors and ST motion sensor. What is the best app out there for this?

In SHM I can create a custom rule, but its shortest update interval is 1 minute. Is there a way to get shorter refresh intervals? Basically I want the opposite of the “It’s Too Cold” app, but one that can also monitor ALL sensors. I’ve seen a couple of different options, including IFTT, that I could use but those app only lets you select one sensor, not multiple.


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With shm hat’s not the update interval. That’s how often it alerts you unless I am missing something. It registers to temp change events I think so would notify u as soon as a remp changed depending on how often the temp sensor reports.

There used to be a solution module for that was on the dashboard, when that was still a thing… But now it’s gone…

I sound like a broken record but could probably handle that, but you’d have to setup 1 rule per sensor which might get ugly. Plus the app needs to be modified to adhere to SmartThings latest security change around OAuth.

Larry - After looking at it again, I think you might be right. I’ll try testing some settings/scenarios and see if I can confirm that.

You can use Rule Machine, and you can put all of the sensors in one rule.

Sounds cool. I’ve been meaning to try your app. I just really like having a web interface on a larger screen when things get complicated.

I’ve been using this:


Is there a way you could modify this code to only check if its getting too warm…
Reason is I have had a Freezer Fail on me and lost nearly $400 of food… And the low cost of a
Xiaomi Aqara Temperature Humidity Sensor was SUPER tempting. It would allow others to be able
to use these sensors and monitor their fridge, Ice machine, Freezer (I’m buying 3 more sensors)
and just need it to alert me that its too warm.

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Try using webCore. It can easily handle this and a lot more.

I Have tried to get into Webcore and so far it won’t let me copy any thing out of it :frowning: ill try again in a few days…

i now use the built in dashboard custom rules… it alerts immediately and can alert using siren or lights etc.

What do you mean it won’t let you copy anything out of it?

I also use the built in smartthings functionality. It is one of the smarttaps. I have my 2 garage sensors send me push notifiations and texts if my garage gets over a certain temperature. I also have it so it will set off my main Honeywell 748 siren.

I got my garage door telling it’s open after 15 minutes and every 15 minutes after that so I never leave it open again.