SmartApp for Temperature alerts based on mode?

I know the original purpose of temp sensors is around freezing pipes, but in my application I only want to be alerted when the temp is too low and I am in home mode.

I’m using the Extreme Temps Smart App in my kids room to give me info about when it gets too cold at night since the thermostat is in a different room by a fireplace and it gets out of whack. During the day when I am away and everything is turned off, I keep getting alerts every X minutes telling me its too cold. The app im using doesn’t have a place to modify to work only in a certain mode.

Help please. Bonus points if you can also point me to a direct link between the sensor in the kids room and my nest temp setting. But I still want this alert to work without bugging me all day at work.

I believe you could use the “It’s Too Cold” SmartApp from the ST templates in the IDE.

Thanks, that is exactly what I needed. lets test it out…