Temperature Sensor with more consistent reporting needed

(Matthew Fudge) #1

Good day folks.

I have been trying to use the secondary temperature options of various devices to control some vents but the delay in reporting is obnoxious.

I have put a digital thermometer in the room and the temperature is changing, sometimes I won’t get a temperature update from the other device for 12 hours.

So now I’m trying to find an actual dedicated temperature sensor, the ones I use for my ecobee 3 are great, perhaps I should just order more of those.

Any other options?



(Matt) #2

two options I have found that work well.
If you have an outlet in the area (best option) is the Homeseer HSM200

If you dont have an outlet the best is the Everspring ST814

(Mike) #3

I use the ST814 with a custom device type which increases the reporting interval and it has worked great for a couple years now.

(Bob) #4

Another workaround to try (if you’re using Keen vents with the stock device handler):
The vent updates its status every minute. Use this as a trigger event in Rule Machine, compared to something that will always be true (e.g., temp > 0). Then configure a custom command for your current temp sensor (again, in Rule Machine) to refresh its state (i.e., “refresh()”). Finally, tie it all together by having the action in Rule Machine force a refresh of your temp sensor. Since the trigger will always be true, and the 3 decimal place temp reporting of the stock device handler will almost always (better than 99.5% of the time) result in a temp change at every reporting interval, your existing temp sensor will update it’s status every minute.

I use this exact configuration to force a refresh of an ST temp/humidity sensor that controls a bathroom exhaust fan, so that when the humidity rises more than 2% in 1 minute (like when someone is showering), it turns on the exhaust fan. Without timely updating of the temp/humidity sensor though, it wasn’t much good.

(Matt) #5

I do the exact thing to poll some sensors and my thermostat works great and much more reliable than Pollster due to ST time issues

(Matthew Fudge) #6

I took a look at the prices for all those units in canada and it was cheaper just to buy two more sensors for my thermostat, with free shipping right to my house.

Thanks for the info though, I might have an application for the ever spring when I finish my new basement to automate my de-humidifier.