[SmartApp STHM] What happens when a trigger happens and a camera is off?

Heya all,

I don’t know how many people actually use STHM, but here’s my question:

If an STHM (stay) settings rule gets a multi purpose sensor trigger (door/window sensor), and the action is to record the cameras that are off, will it turn it on?

Example: I’m sleeping at night, so ‘privacy’ setting (turning internal cameras off) is set via automations with presence (turn off the internal Arlo’s that are armed), but someone breaks the front door and the cameras should record, do they automatically turn on?

Or this means I got to add another automation which says: [sensor trigger -> turn on camera -> record] ?

Note: take on account that the Arlo integration requires that the cameras have to be always armed, and the only way to not let them record (example: internal cameras) is to turn them off when the STHM mode goes to ‘stay’.

I would suggest you create a compound automation that says if your perimeter sensors are triggered and StHM is set to stay, then turn on the cameras and then trigger a recording. Probably best that it actually isn’t in StHM at that point and just a automation.

Technically just because the camera is on doesn’t mean it is recording anything, but i understand the privacy concern.

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Yup that is what I guessed too with the following example,

[sensor trigger -> turn on camera -> record]

the annoying thing with Arlo as I pointed it on the new C2C integration thread, is that Arlo now mandates you take an action (either record or notify), meaning at least with Arlo, you either get spammed with motion notifications, or record everything :frowning:

Thanks @Mavrrick58 for the reply :slight_smile:

try setting the arlo mode on their side to a dumy email address or just create a free one some where you have access to with a extreamly complexx password like 50 charecters. Then you won’t get spammed

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This has been the case for almost a year now - Horrid design…
…but to deal with it… I just built a rule in my email to move them to an other unmonitored folder and trash them after 24 hrs.


That’s a nice hack @Mavrrick58 @nathancu :slight_smile:

I just wanted to do the right thing and properly configure it, not try to hack it (I already do that at work :stuck_out_tongue:),

But as the saying goes, you can’t always have all the nice things in life :grimacing: