Arlo integration causes "mode" to not record video

Hi all, I’ve been using a pair of exterior (wireless) Arlo cameras with SmarThings for a few weeks now and am having a weird problem. My setup is fairly simple:
I have ST turn on the cameras when I’m away, and turn them off when I return home. (using the “goodbye” and “I’m back” routines) It does this very reliably, however when the cameras detect motion they don’t record anything. If I go into the Arlo app and check the settings for the cameras, the “record video” option is NOT selected. I can select it and then it will work just fine until the next day when ST has cycled the cameras off/on again.

So in other words, in order to record video when motion is detected, I need to manually change the settings every morning. Obviously that stinks. Is there something I’m missing here? This has to be a bug right?

If you are leaving ARLO in ST mode, then you need to make a Smart app in ST to record the video.

My personal preference is that I leave ARLO in ARMED mode to capture small 10 sec vids - and then ALSO make ST Apps to record longer videos for doorbell/screen door activity. AND then even longer videos for actual intrusion events.

Thanks. So when you say I need to “make a Smart app to record the video”… are you saying I need to write (program) a new SmartApp? Isn’t there already a way in ST to record video from an Arlo camera when motion is detected?

Yes, you need to install a smart app - you don’t need to write it.

Have you tried Smart Home Monitor? If you are monitoring motion outside - I would suggest using a SHM custom app instead of the Away or Stay built in apps.