Arlo cams and SHM

I have read a ton of discussion regarding Arlo cameras arming properly or not with smart home monitor in the SmartThings with automations.
I have had no success with the cameras acting properly the way I want them with my automations. Is there dummy proof instructions for this or is it a fact that these do not work properly with SmartThings. 2 arlo pro 2 and 1 arlo q…all up to date firmware
Thx in advance

Have you considered using other cameras? Samsung has it’s own brand which I believe also works with SmartThings.
You can look at Foscam. It’s not going to work directly with SHM but it can armed/disarmed through SmartThings, you’ll get a motion detected notification through SmartThings and video recordings can be stored locally on the camera, on a personal server or uploaded to the Foscam cloud (not on ST).
You can use Blink cameras through IFTTT to get motion notifications/arm/disarm them and use the Blink app to view the recordings.

Spent the money on the Arlo’s kind of want to get them to work!

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Would recommend trying sending an email to and see what they say. Have you tried the Classic app?

Yeah I have dazzled with the classic app but don’t want to get too comfortable with it because they could pull it anytime

In particular, what kind of problems are you having? I’m with Smartthings and I had to work through some issues. Now everything is working fine.

Cameras dont cycle on/ off …they are set to with automationto with the house alarm…arlo q. I have set to not trigger with sound in ST and use smarthings mode in arlo ap…but arlo ap always changes back to using audio and no record.

I’ve had success by doing the following after connecting Arlo to ST:

  1. Delete the SmartThings mode in the Arlo app. This mode has ST store the video files, but the problem is that there’s such a lag it’s useless.
  2. Change the Arlo mode to Armed and keep it there.
  3. Use ST automation to turn the cameras on and off.
  4. Use Arlo app to view the videos.
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What app are you using to set these automations up ?

I use the classic app to have my Arlo pro2’s record when specific things happen with some of my Smartthings sensors. That is automated with SHM. I have yet to use the new SmartThings app for anything. My cameras are on all the time.

I deleted my SmartThings mode in the Arlo app. I have my Arlo mode change from armed to disarmed using a virtual switch using IFTTT and webCoRE. That virtual switch is based on my presence.

Using the newer ST ap…heard classic is going away

Will try that!

With the classic app, you can set your automations to record video. I believe with the new SmartThings app, you can only turn the cameras on and off.

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Isn’t classic gonna disappear soon??..rather try get it rolling proper in the new ap I fig

Eventually it will. But with the classic up I can record video clips with my automations in the new app I cannot do that.

What are you using in classic app to create “automations to record video”? Do you mean SHM, or something else?

Using the new ap cause I know the old ones gonna disappear

Well, I contacted support about the Arlo cameras not showing the ability to record in the new apps Automation action like other cameras (SmartThings and Dlink). They had me remove Arlo as a connected service and then re-add Arlo to connected services. After that the Arlo cameras ‘WERE’ showing up and I had the ability to record as an Automation action. But today, the feature is missing again. So, I tried the same trick to remove the Arlo connected service, but it did not bring back the ability to record as an Automation action using an Arlo camera. I also requested that they enable Arlo camera support in the new SmartThings app’s Scenes, since other cameras (SmartThings and Dlink) have the ability to select recording even in Scenes.

So, the bottom line is that Arlo camera availability and support is obviously still being backed into the new SmartThings Connect app as the recording option was there in Automation actions one day and now gone the next.

Shm. It’s the only thing I use shm for.