Smart Home Monitor - Motion Sensor trigger Camera only but Door Sensors trigger Alarm?

I was wondering if Smart Home Monitor inside the SmartThiings app can be customized so that only the smartthings motion sensor is used for triggering a security camera like the Arlo Pro camera to record only and not trigger the alarm but have the smartthings door sensors trigger the alarm if they detect the doors being opened.

I am using the Alro Pro inside the house looking out the window so it cannot detect motion through glass. I cannot use the Arlo pro outside because places to mount it are too low off the ground and can make a thief easily take the camera. I was going to put the smartthings motion sensor on the outside of the window or door.

I am doing that with Custom Rules although I am not using the door sensors but am using motion detectors mounted discreetly outside under the eaves of my home. You should be able to do the same with door sensors. If you do not want to trigger an intrusion alert then whatever sensors you use would need to be removed from SHM.

In my case I am distinguishing between outside sensors and Arlo cameras where I want to detect motion, record video and be notified without triggering SHM but all the indoor sensors and cameras will get an intrusion alert with SHM.

The thing is, I want Smart Home Monitor to still use the Motion Sensor to trigger video recording from Arlo Pro camera. If I remove it from SHM then it wouldnt be able to do that right? Is there not a way to have it still record video but also trigger intrusion alerts on the door sensors only?

These setups are a bit complicated and everyone has different ideas for their home security, so you might need to do a little experimentation.

When you setup SHM you tell SHM which Motion sensors and door/window sensors you want to use to trigger an alarm and trigger an intrusion alert in the AWAY and.Home Modes if I remember correctly.

In my case I do not want any outside sensors or cameras to activate SHM ant trigger an alert, so I do not use them in SHM. Let me give you a couple of examples.

If my storm door is opened, I want a notification and I want the outside Arlo camera pointing at my door to start recording in the AWAY mode. No Alarm, but if my front door is opened I want SHM to do its thing and fire off an alert, (I am using an ST multipurpose sensor on the storm door). I also have an ST motion detector mounted outside above the storm door to also alert me if someone is dropping off a package or the mail has arrived, or some salesman showed up on my front porch. I do not want to set off the alarm, but I do want a notification and a vider of who is there.

If someone tries to crawl through my windows I want the outside sensors/cameras to pick that up record it and notify me. Then again I want SHM to fire off using my indoor motion sensors and cameras. At this point, I want video only from the camera in the room where the activity is happening.

I only arm my system using Routines and I have custom rules for each device to turn on lights and whatever else.

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Yes I think I understand that part. But what I wanted to know is that if you disable the motion sensor for intrusion alert, then how does the motion sensor still trigger the Arlo to record video? Is this a separate SmartApp?

The Arlo camera should fire when it detects motion, or you can write a Custom Rule to tell the motion sensor what exactly to do when motion is detected in each Mode…

I have my cameras disabled in Smartthings. My outside cameras are not being used in SHM and will not fire off an alarm unless I am in the Armed Away or Home (Night) Modes. I turn them on and off using routines and Custom Rules. My inside cameras are hooked int SHM in the Armed Away and Home modes.

Do you know how to create Custom Rules?


I created a new Routine called, “Waiting for Package Delivery” for use when I am at home waiting for a package to be delivered because the carrier drivers never knock on my door loud enough for me to hear and rarely ring the doorbell. When I run the routine I am only using outside motion sensors, (placed far enough away under the eave to compensate for delays in the Arlo recording). The Arlo camera gets turned on and which ever sensor detects motion first starts the recording. When the other sensors or camera detects motion, I also get an alert but the camera is already recording so I get only the video from when the first sensors detect motion. The Routine turns on the camera and the Custom Rule actually turns on an inside lamp and triggers the video recording when any of the three sensors or camera detects motion. When I run this Routine those 4 devices are the only ones active and SHN is in the disarmed state.

Any clearer? LOL


In the Custom Rule select the motion detector you wish to use. There will be a section asking you which camera you want to use and if you want it to start recording and for how long. The caveat is that the camera needs to be “active.” So, you turn on the camera with a routine (Whichever one you want to use, or create a new one). One other problem is that SHM will not run a routine to set the mode, but a Routine will allow you to set the Mode state. Therefore, if you arm/disarm your system using the Home Page Mode states, you won’t be able to accomplish what you are seeking to do as the camera will never activate. That is why I always arm/disarm my ST system with routines not the home page.


I’m really sorry for bugging you so much, youve really been a big help.

I noticed when I go into SHM and setup a custom rule, I can select a motion sensor (which I dont have yet, just motion sensor on my iris keypad) to trigger camera recording but leave siren unconfigured. I can then also setup another custom rule for my door sensors to trigger the siren.

So shouldnt this work?


I believe that should work. In the Custom Rule you should have a section that says something like “Notify With” and you should be able to select any combination of how you wish to be notified. For Example you could select Text notifications and Lights and the Siren.

That said, you need to be aware that Smartthings is a great security information tool, (lets you know what is going on in your home), it is not perfect and should never be used as a primary security system. Due to Smartthings being cloud based many unexpected things can happen including false alarms, long delays in updating the status to your mobile device, loss of internet and long periods of power outages that can affect the reliability of the system,

If you intend to call the police if you expect a home invasion. you may need to purchase a yearly license for your municipality. There may also be Noise Ordinances. Thirdly, if the police respond to a false alarm, it can be very expensive. Plus you don’t want to keep your neighbors awake all night if you are out of town and can’t shut off the alarm. Therefore, I don’t recommend using sirens.

As my home has been burglarized in the past before I had any alarm systems, I, personally, have a professionally monitored Alarm System that works off of cellular, so cutting my outside internet cables will not leave my home vulnerable. I love Smartthings, despite its flaws, to compliment my professional alarm system as it has so many more devices available and I can customize to my hearts content without the police responding to my every screw up or false alarms.

Let me know how things turn out.


Yes I know its not perfect but its better than nothing. I have successfully setup custom rules and now the motion sensor triggers camera but not alarm and door sensors trigger alarm/siren.

Only issue I have is that a 2nd intrusion doesnt trigger siren until dismissing first intrusion alert. This seems to be a problem with the DTH for the siren developed by Arlo/Netgear.


I believe that you can set up custom rules for the switches that will trigger the siren every time the door sensors open in the Away and Night Modes that will fire and turn on the siren despite the state of the intrusion alert… You might also use another motion detector to turn off the siren when motion stops, or after a certain amount of time. Just a suggestion.



You might also be able to discreetly mount some motion sensors outside to fire the camera when someone approaches your door, (to compensate for the delay in starting the Arlo video). The Mailman, UPS and Fedex drivers never seem to ring my doorbell which causes me tons of grief. I placed two motion sensors on either side of my porch to trigger the camera to fire before they leave and I have empty recordings. I set up a special Mode and routine that only uses the two sensors and my outside camera which is pointed at my front door. When I run the routine while I am home waiting for the mail or a package as soon as the driver approaches my porch, I get an alert, the video starts recording and the lamp, (which runs on an ST outlet), turns on. Works every time.