Setting ARLO to record on Smarthings alarm but not to trip it

In spite of my attempts with sensitivity settings and zones my cat continues to cause my Arlo cameras, which are turned on and off in Smartthings mode, to trip an alarm event for the whole Smartthings system. I would like to set the system up to start the cameras up and get them recording if there is an intrusion event but I don’t want THEM to trigger the event. I am a little confused about how to accomplish this. I don’t want he cameras on all the time and recording when I am home. Just when we are all away. That is all working fine. I just want to stop the cameras from triggering an alarm but I want them to record if one is triggered by a door or window or other motion sensor. My cameras are the Arlo Q. Thanks

Which hub are you using?
Which app are you using?
Are you using Smart Home monitor (SMH), or something else for the alarm?

Using new, 3rd gen SmartThings HUB

Using every app I can find, Alexa App, Arlo App, Webcore, Smartthings Classic and whatever the new and improve Smartthings app is called. Some are device based and some are web based.

Using SHM to trigger virtual switch (not simulated) but Alexa can not see that device in the Routines app. It does appear as a device in Alexa but I can’t use it.

Arlo cameras are both motion sensors and cameras.
Assuming you are using SMH in the classic app, the motion sensors are selected separately from the cameras, so if you don’t want to use a camera motion sensor for the SMH rule, just don’t select it as a motion sensor.