Smartapp publish from IDE silently failing

for one my smartapps publish is failing silently. any tips on what might be going on or how to trace it back?

thank you.

Any error messages?

nope. just does not seem to publish.

Which smartapp? Do you have a link to the thread/code?

the modified version is in my local repo but the previous version is here:

btw both the version in the github repo and my local version will not publish via the IDE. the current github version i have previously published successfully before pushing to github so not sure why this became an issue.

Perhaps you can try disconnecting your github account from IDE and then reconnect it.

sure. but currently i am just cutting and pasting my local code in to the IDE and trying to publish and that does not work.

so not sure if this issue would be resolved by disconnecting/reconnecting github account?

Contact ST support. They can troubleshoot from their end.