Is publishing SmartApps to "My Apps" down/broken?

Trying to publish a simple app to “My Apps” gives the green success bar without any text and the application still shows as unpublished. Is this broken right now?


No. Did you use the back button?

No, and I’ve logged out and back in several times closing all browsers. Device Type publishing works fine, just not SmartApp publishing.

Yes…The publishing is broken right now. I submitted a complaint to support. Hopefully we hear something from them soon.

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Okay, thanks. Glad it’s not just me. I was beginning to think I had done something really stupid.

I thought that too but my brother has a SmartThings also and he confirmed it for my before I submitted the ticket.

Is this still broken for you all? Def broken for me. I started making my smart app before I got my hub and stuff. It all came in today and went to published and its broken :frowning: How anti-climatic.

I just checked and “yes”. It’s still broken.

I got the same issue and it occurs not only in My Apps category.

New apps in empty category publishes successfully.

category: "",
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Didn’t work for me :confused:

Existing or new SmartApp.

As an update, we’re working on a fix now.

Temporary workaround:
It seems that this problem will only happen to those that create their SmartApp by using the “From Form” option under “New SmartApp”. So if you re-create your SmartApp via either “From Code” or “From Template” the publish should work.

I apologize for the inconvenience, and will work to resolve the issue quickly.


Awesome! Thank you for the response and the workaround. Good luck getting the fix rolled out!

UPDATE: Trying to create an app by using “code” results in an access denied, but still creates the app.

I discovered that if the SmartApp was created via “From Form”, you can still publish it if you first “Set Location” from the code editing screen. The green “Set Location” button can be found on the right side of the IDE’s SmartApp code editing page.

This is not a fix, just another workaround.

Since I just got an email from technical support, I’m not sure if the “Set Location” was actually working or SmartThings fixed the problem around the same time I tried this.

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Christopher (SmartThings)
Jan 29, 4:44 PM

I’m just following up on your issue of not being able to publish SmartApps in IDE. This was an issue that popped up yesterday, the problem should be resolved now. Let me know if you are still having problems.

Best Regards


This issue should be resolved. We pushed a hotfix on Friday afternoon.

I apologize again for the inconvenience.